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BY Harwood Promotions
Road closure schedule for Saturday 1 February 2014 (Powerade Family Events)Road closes atRoad re-opens
Marine Drive closed from the Boardwalk to Noordhoek9:00 AM12:00 PM
Road closure schedule for Sunday 2 February 2014 (55km Pursuit)Road closes atRoad re-opens
Marine Drive closed from 2nd Ave to Humewood Bridge3:00 AM1:30 PM
Marine Drive closed from the Boardwalk to Walmer Boulevard5:00 AM7:40 AM
Walmer Boulevard closed from the fire station to Old Seaview Road turn off (Mount Pleasant)5:00 AM8:15 AM
Old Seaview Road closed from Mount Pleasant to Seaview Road (Bushy Park Farm)5:15 AM8:45 AM
Seaview Road closed from Seaview Spar to Heron Road6:30 AM11:45 AM
Heron Road closed from Seaview Road to Sardinia Bay Road6:30 AM11:45 AM
Sardinia Bay Road closed from Heron Road (mashee golf course) to Victoria Drive (Rover)6:30 AM12:15 PM
Victoria Drive closed from Sardinia Bay Road to Marine Drive (Schoenies)6:45 AM12:30 PM
Marine Drive closed from Schoenies to the Boardwalk6:45 AM1:30 PM
Road closure schedule for Sunday 2 February 2014 (106km Classic)Road closes atRoad re-opens
Lakeside Road closed from Old Seaview Road to Kragga Kamma Road5:30 AM9:00 AM
Kragga Kamma Road closed from Lakeside Road to Butterfield Road5:30 AM9:15 AM
Butterfield Road closed from Kragga Kamma Road to Lakeside Road (near Traffic College)5:45 AM9:15 AM
Lakeside Road (near Traffic College) closed from Butterfield Road to Seaview Road (Mini Mark shop)5:45 AM9:30 AM
Seaview Road closed from Lakeside Road to Cape Road (Greenbushes Motel)5:45 AM9:30 AM
Cape Road closed from Seaview Road (Greenbushes Motel) to St Albans Road5:45 AM9:30 AM
St Albans Road / Van Stadens Road closed from Cape Road to Draaifontein Road6:00 AM9:45 AM
Draaifontein Road closed from Van Stadens Road to De Stades Road6:00 AM10:15 AM
De Stades Road closed from Draaifontein Road to Beachview Road6:15 AM10:30 AM
Beachview Road closed from De Stades Road to Seaview Road (Seaview Spar)6:15 AM11:00 AM
Seaview Road closed from Seaview Spar to Heron Road6:30 AM11:45 AM
Heron Road closed from Seaview Road to Sardinia Bay Road6:30 AM11:45 AM
Sardinia Bay Road closed from Heron Road (mashee golf course) to Victoria Drive (Rover)6:30 AM12:15 PM
Victoria Drive closed from Sardinia Bay Road to Marine Drive (Schoenies)6:45 AM12:30 PM
Marine Drive closed from Schoenies to the Boardwalk6:45 AM1:30 PM
Roads close 1 hour before cyclists are expected at each intersection  
Roads re-open when last cyclist is through the relevant intersection (re-opening times are estimates)  
Spectator Info:  
ETA for leading 106km riders at Sprint Hotspot - Tony's Appliances / Builders Warehouse:06:15 
ETA for leading 106km riders at Spectator Hotspot - Lake Farm (see spectator map for directions):06:30 
ETA for leading 106km riders at King of the Mountain Hotspot - Maitland:07:15 
 January 29, 2014
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Metro News


BY Harwood Promotions

Sandile Ngunuza warmed up for the Comrades and defended his title with a fine victory in slightly cooler and windy weather conditions at The Herald Rafi’s Builders Warehouse Friendly City Marathon at Fountain Vineyard Church fields on Saturday.

Sandile, of Nedbank Running Club, who won in a time of two hours, 30 minutes and 2 seconds, cited his preparation for Comrades as the reason for his smooth performance.


“The new Friendly City Marathon route was a good training run, as the first 21km was flat and fast, followed by the more challenging and hilly second 21km, running into the wind,”Ngunuza said.

Ngunuza has his sights set on finishing in the top 10 of the Comrades, after ending in 14th place last year.

Masande Mlonyeni was second in 2.32.59, with George Ntshiliza, in third place in 2.33.20, both runners were from Nedbank Running Club. Sandile, Masande and George ran together until the 35km mark when Sandile broke away to take the lead.

Ntombesintu Mfunzi , of Nedbank Running Club, finished effortlessly, defending her title and improving her time in 3.16.24.

“I enjoyed the route, it was good training for the Two Oceans, the race was well organized and the support along the route was amazing”, said Ntombesintu.


Jane Barnardo of Body Concept, came second, with a time of 3.17.54.

Barnardo said, “I enjoyed the race but the return 21km was tough, running uphill and into the wind. Catherine Van Der Walt, also of Body Concept , finished third in 3.27.45.


In the men’s 10km event, Zolani Ngqaqa, of Absa NMMU Athletics Club, defended his winning position for the third consecutive year in a time of 32.01.


Frans Melikhaya of Nedbank Running Club, finished in second position in a time of 32.26 followed by Mzolisi Makhanda, of Nedbank Running Club, in third position in 32.31.


The first woman to finish the 10km was Adri Wessels in 40.45. Adri recently returned to South Africa and is living in Walmer Heights.  “The route was very comfortable for me as this is my regular training route,” said Wessels.  Adri was followed by Thabisa Sirayi of Lions Athletic Club, 42.07. Freedah Ncube of Absa NMMU Athletics Club came third, 43.22.


Mzolisi Makhanda was the first man home in the 5km fun run, while Kayla Nell was the first women to finish the 5km.

Aurecon were rewarded for their amazing support to runners along the route when they won the best watering point trophy.

The event ended with the popular prize giving and lucky draw where a large crowd relaxed on the grounds of Fountain Vineyard Church.


Rafi’s Appliances and Mattresses , Builders Warehouse and Adidas sponsored prizes valued at over R40 000, to huge applause from the audience.  Race director, Alan Taylor, said organizing club, Achilles, was very happy with the outcome of the race, which had enjoyed an increase in both runners and spectator support this year.

 January 26, 2014
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Metro News

substance abusers turn over a new leaf


 A group of substance abusers in the Gelvandale area have been given a new lease on life this past week, after attending the Anathallo 10 Step Recovery & Life Skills Impartation Workshop.
The program, written and presented by Ignacio Schneider, aims to assist substance abusers towards recovery and restoration. It couples biblical principles with experience of substance abuse and formal rehabilitation. Mr Schneider himself was a substance abuser for 12 years.
The first workshop, which started on 10 October, was attended by Weldon Mentoor, Sagren Erasmus, Georgia Langford, Lester Stevens, Christopher Moss and Jillian Williams
“The visible change in the attendees after merely days was amazing. From scruffy to clean-shaven, from sagging shoulders to heads held high,  the change of heart has become apparent on their exterior”, said Schneider.
Facilitator Lucius Hufkie commented that Anathallo focuses not only on the physical and emotional effects of substance abuse, but mainly on the spiritual aspect. Abusers don’t only damage their bodies, but they lose self-confidence and hope. “These substances erode the good from every area of an abusers’ life”.
Extensive media coverage in week 1 has sparked the demand for more workshops, particularly in other parts of the Northern areas.
Subsequent workshops will be held as follows: West End Community Centre, 24-28 October; Booysens Park Community Hall 24-28 October; Harvest Christian Centre, Jacksonville 31 October to 4 November. All workshops are from 8am until 2pm on daily. Cost is R500 per participant, inclusive of all learning material and catering.
A call is being made for sponsorship. “Not everyone who expresses interest in the program can afford it. We appeal to our communities to support the initiative and in doing so, help put a life back on the right side of the tracks”, said Schneider.
Contact Ignacio Schneider at 073 302 7666 for further information and registration.
The workshops continue weekly.

 October 26, 2016
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Metro News
Bay FM

Local is “LekkaMos” with Bay FM 107.9


BayFM 107.9 is making good on the slogan ‘Our Community, Your radio’ with the launch of its exciting new campaign ‘#LekkaMos’.
 The # LekkaMos concept, aimed at providing a platform of exposure for home-grown talent, is set to revolutionise both marketing of and appreciation for local talent, across all genres.
“As a radio station functioning in the Eastern Cape, we have recognised both the abundance of exceptional talent, as well as our responsibility to said talent. It’s with this in mind, that this concept was birthed,” said BayFM Acting General Manager, Angelique Graaff.
#LekkaMos is derived from Local is Lekker, a phrase often used in conjunction with music or anything home-grown. Mos, an Afrikaans word, implies that what has been said is well known or self-evident.
“This is exactly what we, as a station, discovered. Our local talent has unique appeal. Gone are the days when aspiring artists relocate to other provinces in an effort to establish themselves.  With #LekkaMos, they can now step it up in their own backyard,” Graaff remarked.
With a listenership of 100 000, BayFM has the base to become a stepping stone for budding artists. #LekkaMos will create a platform for artists to show case their talent, by providing airplay to artists looking to break into the industry. This in turn provides the scope to harness local support and encourage greater awareness.
“#LekkaMos has the potential to develop beyond radio; it is however essential that we start somewhere. Local artists will soon know that BayFM 107.9 supports home-grown talent. Its #LekkaMos”, said BayFM Programs Manager, Luzuko Qoba.
The Lekkamos show, where only local music and artists will be featured, debuts this coming Saturday at 8pm.
Artists may visit   for more information on how to submit music.

 August 23, 2016
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Bay FM



Join the BayFM Team as we paint our world purple!

 February 10, 2016
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Metro News


BY Sipho Ngwema



The Gospel Music Festival of the Nelson Mandela Bay Cultural Festival scheduled to take place at the Jabavu Stadium in Uitenhage this Saturday has been postponed to September 05.


The announcement follows media reports of a music scam that left scorers of concert-goers, local community leaders and entertainers furious after a local organiser duped people into buying tickets for a bogus concert supposedly scheduled to take place at the same venue last week Saturday.


The fiasco has had devastating effect on this weekend's gospel concert as ticket sales dropped dramatically immediately after the news of the scam emerged. Security reports indicate that there may be community action planned as the result of the scam.


The Nelson Mandela Bay Cultural Festival decided to take precautionary step and move the show to September to allow emotions to subside and the situation to return to normal. The plunge in public confidence towards concerts as a direct result of the scam is hopefully temporary and show will return in September.


Fortunately, the artists that were meant to perform this coming Saturday have overwhelmingly agreed to come back in September and assist in efforts to restore credibility of the entertainment industry.

Issued by Sipho Ngwema on behalf of Nelson Mandela Bay Cultural Festival. For more information call him at 082 499 8111.

 July 09, 2015
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Sipho Ngwema


BY Starburst Music

He opened for Bon Jovi during their 2013 Because We Can world tour in South Africa and regularly performs in the UK and US.  He has won Wawela Music Award for ‘Best Male Artist & Composer’ and was nominated for ‘Best Soundtrack in a Feature Film or Theatrical Documentary’.  He recently released his smash hit, Indestructible, off his brand new album Apollo, which is currently burning up the airwaves around the country.

They opened for Westlife during their 2011 tour in Namibia and for Air Supply during their 2014 tour in South Africa.  They have been winning South African Ghoema and Huisgenoot Tempo Music awards since 2011 and regularly perform at the biggest Afrikaans festivals and shows around the country.  Their self-titled album achieved gold status during 2013 and they have just been nominated for another Huisgenoot Tempo award for their music video GOUD from their latest album, GOUD, which is due to reach gold status any day now.

South African award-winning and chart-topping singer/songwriter and pop/rock/dance artist, Daniel Baron and the popular award-winning Afrikaans pop group and singer/songwriters, ADAM (Hugo Ludik, Reynardt Hugo and Kyle Grant) have joined forces for this hit collaboration!

Their very first international single, SAY WHAT YOU WANT, will be released to South African audiences during June 2015.  It has already been released in Holland, Belgium and Luxembourg by the European record label, Red Bullet, in early May 2015 and will soon be released to the rest of Europe.  

The single will play exclusively and for the first time on the 947 and KFM Kia Top 40 on 6 June 2015, where after the song will be released to radio stations nationally and will be followed by the release of the music video.
The song was written by Hugo Ludik and Daniel Baron for no particular project or reason – only for the sake of putting two creative heads together and seeing what comes from it.  The result is: SAY WHAT YOU WANT.
“The choice to do the song together as a collaboration didn't take much thought or time. Both Daniel and ourselves identified with every single part of the song - from the lyrics to the melody and production - and felt that our musical strengths combined would turn this song into a big hit, as well as a song we can be proud of. We are hoping that this song will get as much airplay worldwide as it deserves” says Hugo Ludik – founder of the group ADAM.

Daniel Baron says:  “I've known Hugo Ludik for a couple of years now. Before the ADAM group formed, we used to perform together as session musicians in different bands. Very recently we caught up and decided to co-write a song. We sat down for 2 hours and came up with "Say What You Want". It's the perfect collaboration song for both myself and ADAM because it carries elements of both our sounds, and it also crosses over to new genres. It's been incredible to work with ADAM. They are true professionals and true rock stars.”

#SayWhatYouWant… but this single is guaranteed to be a big hit!

 June 18, 2015
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Starburst Music


BY Fairview Racecourse

The SW Security East Cape Derby and Prawn Festival meeting at Fairview on Sunday was an enormous success and a vibrant crowd of over 5000 racegoers cheered home the horses enthusiastically for all nine of the races.

The Joey Ramsden-trained St Tropez stamped himself as a stayer with a very bright future when sauntering to victory in the main race of the day, the Grade 3 Cape Derby over 2400m, under his world class jockey Anton Marcus.
Later, the Alan Greef-trained two-year-old colt Juan Two Three put himself in pole position to be named the Eastern Cape Champion Juvenile Male when winning the Listed Epol Dahlia Plate over 1200m easily and impressively under Greg Cheyne.
The weekend’s fun started on Friday with an eight race meeting on the polytrack.

The Prawn Festival meeting on the Sunday has become one of the most anticipated family fun days on the Port Elizabeth social calendar and the carnival-like atmosphere at this year’s event proved that it is growing from strength to strength.

1800 kilograms of prawns were sold and patrons also lapped up the plentiful on course entertainment that was provided.

The crowd lingered on until the last horse had been led away from the winner’s enclosure. They didn’t seem to want the day to end.
Phumelela’s Sales and Marketing Exec, Clyde Basel commented “We couldn’t be happier with the success and growth of the Derby weekend. Fairview hasn't seen that many people in ages and we can grow our database in order to engage with new faces, hopefully bring them back to the races and invite them to be a part of the Racing. It's a Rush campaign, a process that takes them through the various levels of participation".

 May 11, 2015
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Fairview Racecourse

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