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Rolling with the Beat!

Damian Schmidt


Life before BayFm – what have you been involved in? Where have you travelled? Studies?
I worked as a Barman throughout my varsity career so I've come across plenty of interesting people and even more wacky stories! My mother has lived overseas for the past 5 years allowing me to travel to Europe to visit her in Belgium as well as see Germany, France, Italy Holland  and England.
Im currently in my 4th year of an LLB Law degree
Bayfm career highlight?
Doing my Global top 30 chart show live from the 2013 Wildsfees !It was  absolutely amazing to see how big an event it was

Matthew Deas


Something you never leave home without?
House keys

Something about you that very few people know about?
I am the acting president of a small island in the south pacific
 Life before BayFm – what have you been involved in? Where have you travelled? Studied?
 travelled to New Zealand to stare at sheep:-)
 studied a national diploma in journalism


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Zahara Visits BayFM

South African singer-songwriter, poet, and brand ambassador for the Nelson Mandela Children's Hospital ZAHARA visited the BayFM Studio in Port Elizabeth, Nelson Mandela Bay.  We captured that conversation for you to see.

Mayor Ben Fihla paying tribute to Tata Madiba

Oom Ben relates his personal experience with Tata Madiba on Robben Island.

Recorded live at BayFM Studios on Wednesday, 11 December 2013.

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