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Your Early Morning Start to Spiritual Enrichment



If ever you wake up on a Saturday morning feeling uninspired, Be sure to tune into the Golden Years with Vanessa Uithaler.


Golden Years is a three hour intimate session of   intense prayer, worship and spiritual enrichment.

Golden Years  focuses on spiritual revival for the community at large with praise and worship as well as a chance to connect with your brothers and sisters and enlighten you about the word for the week. 

Vanessa Uithaler



How would you describe yourself:
"An encourager, carer and a  lover. I am also a very honest and truthful person. I am a mother and I would like to think that I am the Glue that keeps my family together."

What is a fun weekend for you?
" I love Family time and most importantly spending time with my daughters, I also enjoy attending High Teas and being a guest speaker at community events" 

What is the most Important thing in your life?:
"The most important thing with out a doubt is my Saviour Jesus Christ" 

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