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Local Is Lekker

Its all about your local gospel music with Pastor Basson

Pastor Gerrit Basson



What are your hobbies:

  • Watching Rugby and Cricket
  • Singing in church
  • Gospel Festivals 

How would you describe yourself:
"I am a confident, humble and compassionate person with a good sense of humour."

Every Thursday evening between 8pm and 10pm, you can catch the best in local and national gospel and talk with our very own Pastor Gerrit Basson. 

Pastor Basson airs only the best gospel music from around the country. Tune into BayFM 107.9 and you can vote for your gospel top five gospel songs! You will also be able to catch short devotions, prayer requests, announcements of local church events and so much more. 

Its a show you simply cannot miss. Tune into BayFM 107.9, you will not regret it. 


How do you like spending your weekends:
"I like socialising and having a good Braai."

What is the most important thing to you:
"Love the Lord, family and friends. I love ministering the word of God and singing to praise him."

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