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The police have embarked on a project that will involve the youth in fighting crime. This is due to the fact that they are the ones who are targeted to further criminal activities as a result they end up even leaving the school before time.


Six high schools in Kwadwesi pricinct such as Lungisa high school, Kwamagxaki high school, S.E.K. Mqhayi high school, Tyhilulwazi high school, E.Z. Kabane high school and Gqebera high school with two students from each school participated in the project to become junior station commander.


Students expressed themselves on how can they be engaged in fighting crime. Mr Papier from Department of Education encouraged them and said ” students should not go out of the school to avoid being involved in criminal activities.


They should be patient and teachers will do their utmost best to help them even if they experience difficulty they should try more. Mrs Du Plessies from Safety and Safety and Security made it clear that now youth that will strategize in fighting crime is needed.


This is the opportunity for Kwadwesi youth to show their potential and where they are going and they will make a difference. At the end Thethelwa Wellem of E.Z. Kabane high school was nominated as the junior station commander of Kwadwesi police station.


On picture 7320 on:

Back Row from L-R: Colonel Mpho Rabela ( Motherwell Cluster Office), Captain Niel Meyer ( Detective Commander), Lieutenant Colonel Jimmy Forche’    (Kwadwesi Station Commander) and Captain Steven Ngangamsha ( Vispol Commander).


Middle Row, L-R: Qaqamba Msizi ( Shoprite Trainee Manager), Kwadwesi Councillor Nomonde Poyo, Vuyiseka Mani (Youth CPF), Nondyebo Mnene

(Deputy chairperson CPF),  Constable  Lucille Thomas( Project Organiser), Warrant officer Nomachule Saki ( Support Services Head) , and Nmawethu Jama (Motherwell CPF chairperson).


Font Row: L-R: Lelethu Speelman (Kwamagxaki high), Reserve; Sidima Mfeku (E. Z. Kabane high), junior support services commander; Zintle Gotyana (   Lungisa high), junior detective commander; Siphosethu Bunyula ( Kwamagxaki high), junior visible policing commander and Thethelwa Wellem  (E. Z. Kabane high), Junior station commander.


As police we hope that their involvement in fighting crime will be of great success as they will making a big difference and impact in all schools.


Pictures taken by warrant officer dumile gwavu.


Again in Motherwell there were operations that were held and Kamvelihle as a result 95 people were arrested for different crimes. Police made themselves visible in the area conducting stop and searches as a result 32 people were arrested for drunken disorderly;


16 people were arrested for assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm; 9 people were arrested for domestic violence; 7 people were arrested for drunken driving; 3 people were arrested for warrant of arrest; 3 people were arrested for armed robbery; 3 people were arrested for rape;


3 people were arrested for intimidation and assault; 3 people were arrested for possession of dagga; 2 people were arrested for possession of dagga and mandrax; 4 people were arrested for possession of mandrax;


1 person was arrested for reckless and negligent driving and driving  motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol; 1 person was arrested for high jacking; 1 person was arrested for contravention of protection order; 1 person was arrested for use of motor vehicle with out owners consent;


1 person was arrested for assault on police and 1 person was arrested for possession of suspected stolen property.




Warrant officer dumile gwavu

Motherwell SAPS

Corporate Communication

TEL: 041 4076 428

FAX: 041 4076 511

CEL: 082 3025 882 

 February 12, 2012
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