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Popular radio personality and current station manager at Bay FM, Jacques Arendt, will end his tenure in this position at the end of April 2013 after almost six years in the hot seat. Jacques was instrumental in the turn-around strategy of Bay FM’s survival in 2007 when creditors forced the community station into liquidation. The decision to relinquish the post comes about as the management and board at the helm of Bay FM embark on a journey to consolidate and grow the station into its next phase.

“As a broadcaster for the community, we have set our aim on three aspects – playing a significant role in educating, becoming a beacon for information sharing and standing tall as an entertainer. For us, this is core to our existence and in keeping with what the licensing authority expects from us. Jacques has contributed significantly to this journey to date and we respect his decision to shift a gear up and focus on other business” says David Alexander, chairperson of the station’s board.

“Radio broadcasting is my childhood passion and it will continue to be so. I have managed to fulfill this dream for the past 10 years and have done so successfully. Fortunately, I will continue broadcasting the Sunday afternoon programme, Die Burger Opskop. I will therefore not be completely lost to radio. I will however now have more time on hand to invest in my family and growing a business which needless to say, involves music” says Jacques Arendt, outgoing station manager.

During the next six months the station envisages some dynamic enhancements to its line-up and programming in support of its vision. “Any living organism requires change and even more so within broadcasting. We have come a long way and our brand now stands tall within various sectors of society. It is time for us to consolidate that growth and extend on our purpose within our existing broadcast area” says Alexander.

Jacques Arendt will be replaced by Len Sember as acting station manager until a permanent, suitable replacement is sourced. Len is from within the organisation and currently co-hosts the Sunday morning breakfast show. He is a dynamic business leader, trainer and coach and serves several businesses in Nelson Mandela Bay in these capacities. His previous leadership positions include Chairperson of Lifeline, Director with Telefriend Eastern Cape and MD of Beyrith Shaddai, a training and development company.

Len’s skills portfolio includes graduate studies in Management Development and Information Systems Management with UCT.

Released by:
Bay FM

Friday, 22 March 2013

Contact person:
Antonio Venturini

[email protected]

Tel 041360 0909,
Mobile 072 757 6018

Embargo: Immediate release

 March 22, 2013
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