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Floating on airwaves

BY Algoa Sun

STAR Nyembezi of Bay FM in Linton Grange is this year’s winner of the Media Development and Diversity Agency (MDDA) Sanlam Local Media award in the best sport magazine show category. Nyembezi, the producer of various Bay FM shows and a sound engineer for nearly five years, enjoys producing jingles for advertisers and working as a radio presenter.


“I produce radio spots or adverts, promos for the station, pre-record interviews and at times pre-record three-hour shows. “I also produce sound bites for various shows, for example, by cutting interviewsdone with a field mic by only taking the important part or the gist of the interview.“I enjoy selling people’s
business by producing radio adverts for them and interacting with and meeting new people every day. I also produce for various Bay FM radio personalities when we have outside broadcasts,”he said. 


If Nyembeziis not doing it for Bay FM, he is busy mastering beats for music artists in Nelson Mandela Bay. He also presentstwo Bay FM Sunday radio shows. “One is called Urban Playground–it’s between 3pm to 6pm. I host it with my co-host Sibabalwe Swartbooi. The other is the Late Night Ride between 9pm and midnight. “I am also a student as well. I’m studying journalism at The Media Workshop in NewtonPark. “My Sunday show is laid-back. It’s a place to unwind, detox and relax. We play soothing music for the soul. We talk about love, romance and various relation-ship topics. But what’s funny is that I have a huge following of female listeners. It’s great. I would love togrow my male listenership too, ”he said.


Nyembezi’s future plans are to get into commercial radio and finish his studies. “I want to finish up my media/journalism studies and join commercial radio. “I’m sure I will get my breakthrough when the time is right. Until then I will contin- ue nurturing my talent and skills whileserving the community through the medium I love, ”Nymbezi said. His message to the youth was for them to attend school and go after their dreams. “There are so many things that one could do in the radio industry besides radio presenting. You need to find your true passion and nurture it.  “Please go to school. Talent can only take you thus far, but if you couple that talent with education, you can move mountains. Be creative, think out-of-the-box, be open to constructive criticism, find a mentor and work on your craft on a daily basis and eventually you will get your big break. “And when you do, please don’t sleep on your craft, continue to nurture it,”Nyembezi said.

 July 03, 2014
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Algoa Sun

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