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Bay FM has appointed Antonio (Tony) Venturini to the position of General Manager with effect from  1 November 2013. Tony will also be responsible for the day to day operations of the station which includes all social development initiatives that they undertake. Together with his very passionate and community-driven team, he has been tasked with positioning the station to be a beacon of hope, good news and community development within its broadcast area – through programmes on education, information and entertainment.


Venturini was selected as the successful candidate after the station embarked on an intensive internal recruitment and selection process. He has more recently served the organisation as Sales and Marketing Manager and previously as Chairperson of the Board of Directors and CEO of the station’s CSI wing, Bay FM Foundation.


“Tony has a wealth of knowledge pertaining to community radio and is absolutely passionate about its place in society. We believe his leadership skills and tenacity is what is required to navigate the organisation through the current tough economic climate. Community radio survives on two pillars – loyal listeners and advertisers. We believe Bay FM is succeeding in providing tremendous value to these critical components” says Len Sember, outgoing acting station manager/consultant who has been at the at the helm of the organisation for the past seven months


“Bay FM has always focused on development - from delivering informative content on air to providing a platform for aspiring talent, especially local music artists from all genres. This will continue and will be enhanced as the station continues to fulfill its mandate as a community broadcaster”, Sember said.


 November 01, 2013
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