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Provincial Electoral Officer: Eastern Cape, Thamsanqa Mraji, gives feedback on Elections 2014


The election results started coming through last night with the first result captured and first to appear on the results report nationally came from Umzimvubu Municipality at Mqhekezweni Junior Secondary School in the Eastern Cape.  After 22h00 the results captured at the IEC local offices slowly started coming through to the Provincial Results Operations Centre in East London. 


By 15h00 the province was at 81% results captured and some of the results still have to be audited. 


  We anticipate that the provisional results will be available later today. The Commission expects to announce the final results on 10 May 2014 in Pretoria.   
All voting stations closed at 21h00 and counting in 4615 voting stations was done and completed by the early hours of the morning of 08 May 2014.  Results Capturing process has been audited by a team of auditors at the Provincial Results Centre and MEO offices from PriceWaterCoopers.
Out of 39 local offices 29 have completed the capturing.
A few issues have been reported yesterday but have been resolved:
1.    It was found that some of the results slips for the National Ballot did have a barcode and could therefore not be scanned. Some party representatives in Mthatha were not satisfied with the explanation to transcribe the results onto a new result slip with a barcode although the original results slip was going to be kept with the new one.
2.    There was a complaint from parties about ballot boxes that were not correctly sealed with the official seal of the IEC in Lukhanji (Queenstown).
From the beginning of preparing for the elections the IEC had good relations with the political parties who contested the elections. We appreciate their support and understanding of the electoral processes which assisted in resolving the issues that came up during the election period.


The South African Police Services have diligently and effectively managed the security for the elections and were prepared to go the extra mile to ensure the safety of the electorate and the success of the elections. Their commitment and effort is appreciated by my office.  The interventions made by the Provincial Government to assist with infrastructure for the voting stations and managing the community protests which were targeted to disrupt the elections.
I want to thank the media for the high standard of coverage for the elections and educating the communities on the election processes. They have been objective in the coverage of the elections and the IEC was not spared when its staff committed breaches of the electoral laws and processes.
In my opinion the National and Provincial Elections of 2014 have been credible free and fair in spite of the many challenges that were encountered. 

 May 08, 2014
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