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The Perfect Wave is coming to South Africa!

BY Innovation Films

 “In 1982, Ian McCormack was an adventurous 26-year-old, traveling the world in search of ‘the perfect wave’. One night, while diving for lobster on the small island of Mauritius, Ian was stung by five deadly box-jellyfish, the kinds that are among the most venomous creatures on Earth. By the time an ambulance had arrived, his body was completely paralyzed and necrosis had begun to set into his bone marrow. On route to the hospital, Ian began to see his life flash before him; he was an atheist at this stage in his life and wasn't sure what death would bring. After a vicious fight for his life, Ian was pronounced dead and sent to the local morgue. It was there that he had this extraordinary, actual-death experience. “(

The Perfect Wave is a full-length, dramatic, theatrical feature Film based on this true-life story of Ian McCormack. The Film was shot exquisitely in South Africa, Australia, Bali, Mauritius, New Zealand and Java under the direction of internationally renowned South African commercial director, Bruce Macdonald, and is produced by 7-time Emmy Award winning U.S. producer, S. Bryan Hickox.

The Film is set to release end of February 2014 across countries such as Australia, South Africa, the USA, and South America, to name but a few.

The Ian McCormack SA Tour is scheduled to cover the following areas:  

  • Cape Town: 12-14 February & 2 March
  • George: 15 February
  • Port Elizabeth 17- 18 February
  • East London: 15- 16 February
  • KZN: 19 – 23 February
  • Pretoria & Johannesburg: 24 – 28 February & 1 March
 February 05, 2014
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Innovation Films

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