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BY Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality

The Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality recorded the highest water consumption levels in January 2014 at 312 Ml per day and expects the usage in February to reach an alarming 320 Ml per day as our peak consumption normally occurs in February.

Consumption levels in January 2013 were 291 Ml/day and 296 Ml/day in February 2013.

Residents are reminded to use water sparingly as we have frequent water shortages once every four years due to drought cycles occurring once every four years historically.

According to Statistics South Africa, we serve 1 152 114 residents in a geographical area covering 1959,02 square kilometers.

The levels of the major storage dams, supplying the Nelson Mandela Bay municipal area, are:


                          Capacity              Volume of water      


Kouga                  94,5%                  118 930 Ml            

Churchill               91,0%                    32 050

Impofu                 87,9%                    92 974

Loerie                  87,6%                      2 650

Groendal              100 %                    11 640


                                                     258 244 Ml

Average all                91,7 %  of total combined capacity.


 February 04, 2014
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