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Out to Lunch



What are your hobbies:

  • Listening to music
  • Dancing

How would you describe yourself:
"Firstly, I think describing myself is one of the hardest things in the world..BUT...I'm an assertive person that is also super-friendly and sociable." 

How do you like spending your weekends:
"Definitely depends on my mood, but I either spend time wih family relaxing or go out for a good night with friends, or even a bit of both!!"

What is the most important thing to you:
"Other than my family, my happiness and peace of mind."

The best in feel good radio.


The Out to Lunch Show from Midday to 3pm every weekday, is known for getting the Bay dancing. With constant listener participation, Petula really embodies the station's slogan "Our Community, Your Radio". 


Petula rocks the Bay with the latest in entertainment and talk news, the best in local and international music and uplifting chats.


If you are in need of some fun and the latest hits from the Bay and beyond, Petula Out to Lunch dance party radio show is just what you need. 



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