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Spiritual Melodies 

Gospel music for the young members of the Bay


We realise that the youth of the Bay are just as spiritual as the older generations. Spiritual Melodies is a show just for the spiritual youth in our community.
Every thursday between 10pm and midnight Mabra Ngeva caters to the music and talk needs of the younger spiritual generation in the Bay. Catch Mabra as he allows gospel artists to come through to minister the word of God through music. 
It a great show with even better music, so tune into BayFM 107.9 for your fix of the spiritual every Thursday. 

Mabra Ngeva



What are your hobbies:

  • Worship leading
  • Watching rugby
  • Singing
  • Motivating others

How would you describe yourself:
"I am an easily accessible and humble guy. I am down to earth and filled with smiles."

How do you like spending your weekends:
"I socialise a lot so chilling with friends."

What is the most important thing to you:
"God. Nothing but God."

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